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          The European Commissions latest forecast puts Chinas expectedeconomic growth at 6.

          The countrys maritime economy is booming and revenues reached 5.

          [Photo/icpress]The Peoples Bank of China, the nations central bank, injected a net total of 113.

          The use of chemical weapons is a grave violation of international law and an affront to our shared humanity, Ban said.

          Today people can enjoy better food and clothing and can afford luxury purchases, said the Russian journalist, who has been working in China for nearly two decades.

          But then the authorities should take measures to ensure migrant workers get train tickets without all the hassles and tensions.

          US government sources said the official - whom neither side named - was Berlin station chief for the CIA, the Central Intelligence Agency.

          Beijing is blanketed with thick smog on Tuesday, a sharp contrast to the blue skies during the APEC meetings in the capital in November.

          更多>Obama hosts Africa summit with an eye on legacy

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